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We do a lot more than fix wrecked cars!

Not every vehicle will be involved in a collision. However almost every vehicle on the road will receive some kind of minor damage. Any type of damage will reduce the value of your vehicle. We repair minor damage at surprisingly affordable rates.

Chances are you have one of more of the types of damage below.

  • Light Scratches: We can probably buff them out.
  • Chipped Windshield: We can repair it so it doesn’t turn into a crack.
  • Door dings and small hail dents: We can remove them without sanding or painting.
  • Aluminum Wheel scrapes and gouges: We can restore your damaged wheel to new condition.
  • Bumper scrapes and small dents: We can refinish your bumper to look brand new.
  • Replace bad window tint.
  • Find and fix water leaks around windows, doors and trunk lid.

Are they going to total my car?

If you are in an accident and it’s anything more than a fender bender, it is likely you will wonder if your car is going to be totaled. Different insurance companies have different standards for making that determination. Typically when the repair cost exceeds 65-70 percent of the vehicle’s market value the  decision is made to total it.

Insurance companies have sources of market value information that is not available to the general public. They use these sources to help them decide whether to repair or total a damaged vehicle. If your vehicle has been deemed a total loss by your insurance company, you have the right to contest their decision but be prepared, you will have to provide evidence that increases the vehicle’s value.

In the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss, you may have the right to buy it back from the insurance company. Be aware that if you do buy it back, the vehicle will be issued a new “salvage title” and may be very difficult and expensive to get insurance for.

The Honda Civic pictured was deemed a total loss. Our customer and her daughter walked away without a scratch!

Welcome to Rusty Wallis Collision Center

At Rusty Wallis Collision Center, we make customer service a priority. Our people are highly trained and are dedicated to the commitment of quality, workmanship and service that our business was in fact, founded on. Our technicians have many years of experience and we have the latest technology in the collision repair industry. We’re proud for the opportunity to be of service to you.

When the safety of your family is on the line, why settle for second best.